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About us

ShivindaN Group is an investment group.Our focus is to invest in our core areas of expertise, which include Construction, Interior, Energy and Power (solar/renewable power), Research & Development company.

We are an international team of specialists and engineers. We build and operate world-class infrastructure assets around the globe. In this pursuit, we utilize our extensive network of contacts and our management teams with proven skills in maximizing value. Our competitive advantage is attributed to collaborating across the firm’s investment disciplines; from deal origination, sourcing and due diligence, through development, implementation and operations and maintenance. With a long term focus on owning infrastructure assets, we remain patient while simultaneously building top tier businesses.



Director's Message


I am very please that, ShivindaN Group is transcending to new height with each passing years. With clear vision of our team, we focussed on our quality of work and building new growth of our group. I feel blessed and honoured to lead our fastest growing companies with dedicated and highly competent team and board of directors. We as a team remain committed to deliver on the values and culture entrusted to us by our other deares members of directors and team of this group.

Ms. Natalia Smirnova

Founder & Director of ShivindaN Group

We contribute for sustained social development and respond towards customer's satisfaction by our engineering skills and reliable proposals.

Mr. Shivam Dixit

Founder & Director of ShivindaN Group