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Living Theme

We continue the theme of living room design. We have already spoken about the combined studio layouts, but I would like to underline once again a few points. When placing several functional areas in the same room, such as the living room and bedroom, the living room and dining room, the living room and kitchen, you should: – to remember about a clear zoning of the room with the help of curtains, podiums, carpets, various colors of furniture and walls, cabinets, screens, partitions and various other – If you do not want to create clear zones, then the design should be arranged in styles that will harmoniously flow from one to another and in a properly chosen matching color scheme. – Be sure to properly distribute the accents and furniture so that every detail creates coziness and comfort – Remember the correct lighting of each zone. Light can very much create accents on design solutions in the interior, underlining some details and smoothing others. – Choose furniture correctly and do not clutter up a small combined space with big and bulky interior items. We will help you to design the design of your combined living room, based on your preferences and your individuality. Let’s create beauty and comfort along with the smallest investment for you!

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