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Living Theme

“We continue on the theme of bedroom design. True and harmoniously selected design is already 70% of success in obtaining a good rest and deep sleep, and for this it is very important to follow a few rules: – no TV in the bedroom. For this there are living rooms, a bedroom for sleeping and relaxing, but not for watching sports matches and news, otherwise the bedroom will lose its status as a personal space and the whole crowd of guests will lie on your bed, watching the next movie. – Be sure to choose the right color solutions that should contribute to relaxation. It is best to choose calm pastel colors, colors beige, gray, yellow, blue, light brown and their other shades. To revitalize the atmosphere, you can paint one of the walls behind the bed or in front of it in a different tone from the general one. Vivid trivia and accessories, pictures, pillows, bedspreads will pleasantly enliven the space, but do not overload the room with a motley variety. – Do not clutter up the bedroom with a huge amount of furniture, choose only the most necessary. In this room, the rule of minimalism. – Particular attention is building draw on the lighting of the bedroom. General lighting is more likely to be superfluous, but you need to provide spot lighting for the zones: bedside floor lamps or wall sconces, a lamp by the mirror and a dressing table and a wardrobe, this will give a special charm to the bedroom and create a sleepy atmosphere of relaxation and romanticism. We will help you design your bedroom based on your preferences and your personality. Let’s create beauty and comfort along with the smallest investment for you! Our motto is: individual approach, best work, best quality, happy customer, happy world! Waiting for you!”.

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