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Living Theme

“We continue the theme of bedroom design. In modern planning, as usual, combine the bedroom and living room in the same room to save space. In order to harmoniously equip 2 zones: for personal recreation and for the reception of guests, it is necessary to be guided by small recommendations: – the bedroom area is best placed in a special slot if the room is not square in shape. – If, however, there is no special slot for the bed in the room, then it is best to place bed in the opposite side of the door, as far as possible in the room. – various design solutions are used to distinguish zones: curtains, partitions, wardrobes, floor shelves, podiums, various wall and floor covering and much more – it is better to place the living room near the window, which in the daytime will not require additional lighting, and for the sleeping area, evening sconces and floor lamps will be quite enough. With this approach, it is necessary to take into account one style in the design of 2 zones for their harmonious combination. We will help you design your bedroom based on your preferences and your personality. Let’s create beauty and comfort along with the smallest investment for you! Our motto is: individual approach, best work, best quality, happy customer, happy world! Waiting for you!”

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