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Country Style

“Country style in the design of apartments and houses is also known as rustic style, appeared in the late nineteenth century. Name of this style from the English word “country” it means village.This style inspires romanticism and thoughtfulness, is plunging into pleasant slumber and tranquility.The distinctive features of this style are natural materials, wooden furniture, antique accessories, handmade carpets, napkins, tablecloths, pillows, a light cozy atmosphere, hung with a smoke of antiquity. And we seem to hear the quiet whisper of an old wardrobe or an antique chest, which tells us stories from the distant past that they witnessed.It is especially relevant for houses outside the city or summer terraces, cottages, and even will be a quiet comfortable refuge from the daily rush in the heart of a large metropolis.We will help you create a safe haven for your rest, based on your preferences.Let’s create beauty, your history and comfort with the smallest investment for you! Our motto is: individual approach, best work, best quality, happy customer, happy world! Waiting for you!”

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