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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Structural Renovation cost per square feet?

Structural Renovation cost is Rs. 300 per square feet in some extent. Sometimes it is more cheaper than that and sometimes more.

2. How to increase floor area?

By hiring professional space-management expert we can utilise most available space. You can increase projection of your house. Every state/city Municipal corporation allow owner to Change design or increase floor area. Sometimes need pre approved permission or sometimes not. Need to consult with your area M.C. Junior engineer.

3. What is more better renovation or rebuilding?

In this world, everything have 2 phases. Both things exist their best. So better ask right company to give you better solution. Sometimes, professional or companies can misguide you for their profit. According to ShivindaN if you want to save money and renovate. Indian standard gives so many techniques and methodology to increase strength of old building and make changes as you want.

Renovation is always very tricky and it should be done by professional not because only they can do it, but because they will save you from expensive mistakes and right way to do your renovation deal in better way. They will save your time as well as money.

Building new is also a better option but it take full money and full time as well as completely new process to take permission and approved plan from the authority. It is completely your choice. Renovation can saves very many things at the same time and gives you almost similar strength and durability in less cost and time.

4. What is Gut renovation?

A gut renovation is when the space was stripped down to the girders. All materials replaced with new. New walls, floors, appliances, fixtures, wiring, pipes, EVERYTHING. Anything less is merely an updated apartment. The term is thrown around very loosely these days for a variety of reasons.

5. When I need to do renovation?

Sometimes renovation is more expensive due to very many reasons. But If your property is more than 10 years old and you are looking for renovation. If you built this house in 20 lac Indian rupees, and property is 10 year old. Calculate salvage value of 10 years and increase escalation charges for 10 years. And then understand difference. In simple, If same building you’re building in current year of 60 lac rupees then the wise renovation cost will be 6 lac to 12 lac. Such costing will renew your house by looks and by durability and strength if it is built by proper design and in strict supervision of qualified engineer.

6. How much cost to built a new house?

It depends on completely the house design and strength do you want to built. Cost of structure is completely based on the material and design. And seismic withstand design as well. But for north zone of our great country the costing as per thumb rule is approximately 1000 rs per square feet. Some people can offer 600 or 700 rs. Per square feet. Do not get trap in their tricky costing mesh. Because technically they can built it but not everything. Some people can offer 1500 per square feet. It is also based on the work and design what they are offering.

You should be very wise and ask question about design and durability of the building. Do not go for brand. Go for workmanship and durability.

7. Renovation can increase value of property?

Yes, it really so. Renovation is the the process to renew your house completely.

8. How much time does it take to renovate house completely?

It takes 15 day to 1 month in small houses up to 1000 square feet and average house of 2500 to 2500 square feet 1 month to 2 month tentatively and changes what need to be done. This time will be more or less according to the work.

9. 1st class and 2nd class construction and its cost?

Normally people built first class and second class material house. Every people want to build First class material house. But second class is not so bad how people think.

For example Car model one — it more better quality and features but expensive more and second class car have less features but both car is same. In both cars have everything similar except few features. Similarly, in first and second class house also completely similar but little difference in some parts. First class house costs around 1500 rs. Per square feet and second class 1000 rs square feet.

Some contractors and construction company take benefits of it. They offer you first class costing but built second class house. Even technical person do not identify if they do not see it while building. And such people and companies earn very big profit from you. Beware and understand the difference.

10. How much Interior Design Cost?

Normally interior design (only) costing in current Delhi NCR market is 100 - 150 rs. Square feet. But ShivindaN offer interior design services in very cheaper cost is 12rs. Per square feet with one render of each room.

11. How much interior design execution cost?

It depends on completely to the work to be executed. The designs will tell you the right execution cost. Or you can enquire us for the costing, we will give you right costing with in 5 minutes of every work what you’re looking for.

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